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Distributed Interactive Engineering Toolbox
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Agent DIET Development
The DIET agent executable.
Client DIET Development
Bugs that affect client programs.
cmake DIET Development
Cmake related bugs (during the compilation step)
Data management DIET Development
All aspects of DIET relating to data management.
dietObjects DIET Development
Lists the active DIET objects
Documentation: Other DIET Development
Man pages, Doxygen, etc.
Documentation: Programmers Guide DIET Development
Programmers Guide
Documentation: Tutorial DIET Development
Discrepencies between DIET functionality and the tutorial can be noted here.
Documentation: User Manual DIET Development
Discrepencies between DIET functionality and user manual can be noted here.
examples DIET Development
DIET examples.
Forwarder DIET Development
Any bug concerning forwarders
General DIET DIET Development
Problems with DIET that don't fit in the other categories can be listed here.
Server Daemon (SeD) DIET Development
The point of entry for a computational server. It manages a pool of CRDs.
Tests DIET Development
Automatic tests
Workflows SysFera Technical Team
Workflow management