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A tool to manage DIET functionality as workflow management, Deployment, Grid'5000 resource management, ...
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DIET Dashboard Installer David Loureiro
An Installer java software for DIET Dashboard
DIET deployment tool Abdelkader Amar
This tool is a graphical interface to GoDIET.
DIET designer Abdelkader Amar
Tool to Allow to the user to design graphically a DIET hierarchy.
DIET mapping tool Abdelkader Amar
Tools to allow the user to map the allocated GRID5000 resources to a DIET application.
DIET resource tool Abdelkader Amar
This tool was designed to manage the user grid resources which is an important aspect of grid computing. Currently this tool is used only for GRID5000 platform and provides several operations to facilitate the access to this platform.
Workflow designer Abdelkader Amar
This tool dedicated to workflow applications written in DIET provide to the user an easy way to design and execute workflows with DIET.
Workflow log service Abdelkader Amar
This tool can be used to monitor workflows execution by displaying the DAG nodes of each workflow and their states.
XMLGoDIETGenerator David Loureiro
XMLGoDIETGenerator is a tool to generate easily and automatically GoDIET files.