Category: Cloud Computing


DIET at CloudTech’2016

DIET was used to schedule malleable tasks in Hybrid-Cloud Platforms. Eddy Caron (ENS de Lyon) was presented a join work with Marcos Dias de Assunção (Inria) using the simulator from Semen Marchuk (CapRezo) at...


DIET at SC’15

The  GreenIT platform: Nuvea Nuvea gives a live demo at SC’15 (Austin, TX) on INRIA Booth Nr. 2221. They show a Green-It  platform for Virtual Machine (VM) management and explain how you can save...


DIET Green at Cloudtech’2015

DIET is used within the french project Nu@ge as the middleware to improve energy efficiency throught the placement and management of virtual machines. The Nu@ge project aims at building a federation of container-sized datacenter...