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jumel is a project of compiler for a dialect of ML augmented with π-calculus primitives for (message-passing, parallel computing, etc.) to Lπ, a light π-calculus. The target code will be run on a virtual machine able to send it to other nodes (distibuted computing).

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To test jumel, go to the quickstart page.

To report bugs or ask for features, go on our bugzilla page.


jumel splits in two main parts : the compiler and the virtual machine.

The Compiler

Main article : Compiler overview

The compiler inputs a source file and gives a textual representation of the target language : Lπ. What is more, it analyse to code by

  • checking the typing with a static typing ;
  • trying to optimize some generated terms ;
  • distributing code according to annotations.

The Virtual Machine

Main article : Virtual machine overview

The virtual machine executes a Lπ code given in input. Communications between threads are done on the network.

About the developpement

An up-to-date version of the source code is available on Gitorious. To compile, you need a recent version of ocaml and a C compiler. jumel compiler compiles with make at the root whereas the virtual machine compiles with ./configure && make in the virtual_machine folder.

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