ICS 2004

ICS 2004 : 18th Annual ACM International Conference

on Supercomputing

Saint-Malo, France

June 26-July 1, 2004

Saturday, june 26
Workshop 1:
First International Workshop on Operating Systems, Programming Environments and Management Tools for High-Performance Computing on Clusters
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Workshop 2:
Workshop on Component Models and Systems for Grid Applications
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Saturday, june 26
Sunday, june 27
6:00-8:00 pmWelcome drink & registration
Monday, june 28
Session 1: Caches
9:00-9:25Effective stream-based and execution-based data prefetching
Sorin Iacobovici, Sudarshan Kadambi, Lawrence Spracklen, Yuan Chou and Santosh Abraham (Sun Microsystems)
9:25-9:50Enhancing Data Cache Reliability by the Addition of a Small Fully-Associative Replication Cache
Wei Zhang (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)
9:50-10:15Inter-Reference Gap Distribution Replacement: an Improved Replacement Algorithm for Set-Associative Caches
Masamichi Takagi and Kei Hiraki (University of Tokyo)
10:15-10:45Coffee break
Session 2: Applications 1
10:45-11:10Parallel Algorithms for Mining Frequent Structural Motifs in Scientific Data
Chao Wang and Srinivasan Parthasarathy (Ohio State University)
11:10-11:35Impact of Far-Field Interactions on Performance of Multipole-Based Preconditioners for Sparse Linear Systems
Vivek Sarin (A & M University), Ananth Grama (Purdue University)
11:35-12:00Practical and Efficient Point Insertion Scheduling Method for Parallel Guaranteed Quality Delaunay Refinement
Andrey Chernikov and Nikos Chrisochoides (College of William and Mary)
12:00-1:30Lunch (PGL)
Session 3: Communication and Consistency protocols
1:30-1:55Detailed Cache Coherence, Characterization for OpenMP Benchmarks
Anita Nagarajan, Jaydeep Marathe and Frank Mueller (North Carolina State University)
1:55-2:20An Analysis of the Impact of MPI Overlap and Independent Progress
Ron Brightwell and Keith D. Underwood (Sandia National Laboratories)
Session 4: Input / Output
2:30-2:55Integrating collective I/O and cooperative caching into the Clusterfile parallel file system
Florin Isaila, Guido Malpohl, Vlad Olaru, Gabor Szeder and Walter F.Tichy (University of Karlsruhe)
2:55-3:20Energy Conservation Techniques for Disk Array-Based Servers
Eduardo Pinheiro, Ricardo Bianchini (Rutgers University)
3:20-3:45PB-LRU: A Self-Tuning Power Aware Storage Cache Replacement Algorithm for Conserving Disk Energy
Qingbo Zhu, Asim Shankar, Yuanyuan Zhou (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
3:45-4:15Coffee break
Session 5: Distributed Computing
4:15-4:40Automatic Re-scheduling of Dependencies in a RPC-based Grid
Thierry Gautier (INRIA/ID-IMAG), Hamid-reza Hamidi (INPG/ID-IMAG)
4:40-5:05Time and Space Optimization Techniques for Processing Groups of Multi-Dimensional Scientific Queries
Suresh Aryangat, Henrique Andrade and Alan Sussman (University of Maryland)
5:05-5:30A Comparison of Sequential Consistency with Home-Based Lazy Release Consistency for Software Distributed Shared Memory
Vadim Iosevitch and Assaf Schuster (Technion)
Tuesday, june 29
Session 6: Software Tools
9:00-9:25A Unified Framework for Nonlinear Dependence Testing and Symbolic Analysis
R.A. van Engelen, J. Birch, Y. Shou, B. Walsh and K.A. Gallivan, (Florida State University)
9:25-9:50Design Space Exploration of Caches using Compressed Traces
Xianfeng Li, Hemendra Singh Negi, Tulika Mitra, Abhik Roychoudhury (National University of Singapore)
9:50-10:15Exploiting Program Behavior Repetition for Fast and Accurate
Wei Liu, Michael Huang (University of Rochester)
10:15-10:45Coffee break
Session 7: Applications 2
10:45-11:10Multilevel Hierarchical Matrix Multiplication on Cluster
Sascha Hunold, Thomas Rauber (University of Bayreuth) and Gudula Rünger (Technical University of Chemnitz)
11:10-11:35A dynamic Application-Driven Data Communication Strategey
Paul van der Mark, Lex Wolters (Leiden University) and Gerard Cats (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
11:35-12:00Implementation and Performance Evaluation of CONFLEX-G: Grid-enabled Molecular Conformational Space Search Program with OmniRPC
Yoshihiro Nakajima, Mitsuhisa Sato (University of Tsukuba)Hitoshi Goto (Toyohashi University of Technology)Taisuke Boku, Daisuke Takahashi (University of Tsukuba)
12:00-1:30Lunch (PGL)
Invited Speaker
1:30-2:30Supercomputing Past, Present and Future
Steve Scott, Cray


Session 8: Supercomputers
2:45-3:10Characterizing a New Class of Threads in Scientific Applications for High End Supercomputers
Arun Rodrigues, Richard Murphy, Peter Kogge (University of Notre Dame) and Keith Underwood (Sandia National Lab)
3:10-3:35Performance Characteristics of the Cray X1 and Their Implications forApplication Performance
Tuning Hongzhang Shan, Erich Strohmaier (Future Technology Group, LBNL)
3:35-4:00Evaluating Support for Global Address Space Languages on the Cray X1
Christian Bell, Wei-Yu Chen, Dan Bonachea and Katherine Yelick (UC Berkeley)
4:00-4:30Coffee break
Session 9 Microarchitectures
4:30-4:55The Energy Efficiency of CMP vs. SMT for Multimedia Workloads
Ruchira Sasanka, Sarita Adve (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)Yen-Kuang Chen and Eric Debes (Intel)
4:55-5:20Data Forwarding through In-Memory Precomputation Threads
Wessam Hassanein (Purdue University), José Fortes (University of Florida),Rudolf Eigenmann (Purdue University)
5:20-5:45Scaling the Issue Window with Look-Ahead Latency Prediction
Yong-xiang Liu, Anahita Shayesteh (UCLA), Gokhan Memik (Northwestern University), Glenn Reinman (UCLA)
Wednesday, june 30
Invited Speaker
9:00-10:15High Performance Computational Methods in System Biology
Frank Delaplace. (LaMI, Evry).
10:15-10:45Coffee break
Session 10: Middleware for high performance computing
10:45-11:10CQoS: A Framework for Enabling QoS in Shared Caches of CMP Platforms
Ravi Iyer (Intel Labs)
11:10-11:35Adaptive Paging for a Multifrontal Solver
Olivier Cozette, Gil Utard (LaRIA, Université de Picardie) and Abdou Guermouche (LIP, ENS-Lyon)
11:35-12:00Adaptive Incremental Checkpointing for Massively Parallel Systems
Saurabh Agarwal, Rahul Garg, Meeta S. Gupta (IBM India Research Labs) and Jose E. Moreira (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
12:00-1:30Lunch (PGL)
1:45Excursion in le Mont-Saint-Michel and conference dinner
Thursday, july 1
Session 11: Compilers
9:00-9:25Implicit Java Array Bounds Checking on 64-bit Architectures
Chris Bentley, Scott A. Watterson, David K. Lowenthal and Barry Rountree (The University of Georgia)
9:25-9:50Adaptive Java optimisation using instance-based learning
Shun Long and Michael O'Boyle (ICSA, The University of Edinburgh)
9:50-10:15Application of Storage Mapping Optimization to Register Promotion
Patrick Carribault, (PRiSM, University of Versailles), Albert Cohen (INRIA)
10:15-10:45Coffee break
Session 12: Clustered microarchitectures
10:45-11:10Back-end Assignment Schemes for Clustered Multithreaded Processors
Fernando Latorre, José González and Antonio González (Intel Labs - UPC Barcelona)
11:10-11:35Cluster Prefetch: Tolerating On-Chip Wire Delays in Clustered Microarchitectures
Rajeev Balasubramonian (University of Utah)
11:35-12:00Cluster scheduling for explicitly-speculative tasks
David Petrou, Gregory R. Ganger, Garth A. Gibson (Carnegie Mellon University
12:00End of the conference

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