MUMPS User Days 2023

Preliminary List of Speakers

Olivier BOITEAU (EDF Lab Paris-Saclay)
Feedback in the use of MUMPS in EDF codes
Cédric CONTENT, Emeric MARTIN (ONERA, France)
High-fidelity simulations of turbulent compressible flows in aerodynamics: some typical applications with ONERA CFD codes
Florian FAUCHER (Inria, France)
Performance of time-harmonic wave modeling and inversion using Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin discretization and the MUMPS solver
Thierry GAUTIER (Inria, France)
XKBlas: under the hood
Matthieu GEREST (EDF R&D, LIP6-Sorbonne University, France)
Solving linear systems efficiently using Block Low-Rank compression in mixed precision
Chia Wei HSU (University of Southern California, USA)
Augmented partial factorization: efficient computation of the generalized scattering matrix
Pierre JOLIVET (CNRS, France)
Henning LEEMHUIS (University of Wuppertal, Germany)
Direct solves on a multigrid solver in lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD)
Eric LEQUINIOU (Altair, France)
Leveraging MUMPS to enhance performance of Altair Solvers
Florent LOPEZ (Ansys, USA)
Solving linear systems on GPU-based systems
Robert LUCAS (Ansys, USA)
A Changing Landscape
Ramzi MESSAHEL (Safran Tech, France)
Feedback on the use of MUMPS in Safran Tech’s applications: a multithread performance evaluation of MUMPS
Roméo MOLINA (LIP6-Sorbonne University, France)
Adaptive precision algorithms for SpMV and iterative solvers
Jason PAVLIDIS (Moduleering Company, Greece)
Scalability of normal modes computation in Sunshine using MUMPS solver
François PELLEGRINI (Bordeaux University & Inria, France)
What to expect of a 30 y.o. Scotch
François-Henry ROUET (Ansys, USA)
MUMPS-BLR inside a preconditioned eigensolver
Bastien VIEUBLE (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
Mixed precision iterative refinement for the solution of large sparse linear systems