Cartomancer is an open-source project, to develop a card-game edition program.

Is there some card-game that you enjoy very much but that doesn't exist in a computer version? Create it yourself! Cartomancer will help you to do it without requiring you to have any programming knowledge. Whether you want to create a classic card-game like Poker or Tarot or a more original one like Magic or Fluxx, you will be able to do it with Cartomancer.

This program will contain two different versions :

  • The basic version will allow you to create basic card games with a graphic interface. Very simple to use, this version is perfect for beginner users or for users who want to create a game in a short time.
  • The advanced version will also allow you to use some scripts to define more complicated actions. It is recommended if you want to create a non-classic game.

Cartomancer will also allow you to design your own cards with its card editor interface.

With Cartomancer, you will be able to create your card-game from the beginning to the end, you are 100% free !


Since Cartomancer is still under development, no version has been released yet.

If you are a programmer and want to contribute to this project, please check the "Development" section to have an overview of our organization and our work schedule. Then, if you're interested, please contact us!

Contact : cartomancer.project@gmail.com