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Deploying a DIET platform

Deployment is the process of launching a DIET platform including agents and servers. For DIET, this process includes writing configuration files for each element and launching the elements in the correct hierarchical order. There are three primary ways to deploy DIET.

Launching by hand is a reasonable way to deploy DIET for small-scale testing and verification. This chapter explains the necessary services, how to write DIET configuration files, and in what order DIET elements should be launched. See Section 11.1 for details.

GODIET is a Java-based tool for automatic DIET deployment that manages configuration file creation, staging of files, launch of elements, monitoring and reporting on launch success, and process cleanup when the DIET deployment is no longer needed. See Section 11.2 for details.

Writing your own scripts is a surprisingly popular approach. This approach often looks easy initially, but can sometimes take much, much longer than you predict as there are many complexities to manage. Learn GODIET- it will save you time!


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