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At the beginning : The ReMaP project


The aim of this french project is to provide algorithmic and software solutions for large scale architectures; our focus is on performance issues. The software component provides a flexible programming model where resource management issues and performance optimizations are handled by the implementation. On the other hand, current component technology does not provide adequate data management facilities, needed for large data in widely distributed platforms, and does not deal efficiently with dynamic behaviors. We choose three applications ocean-atmosphere numerical simulation, cosmology simulation, and sparse matrix solver. We propose to study the following topics: Parallel software component programming; Data sharing model; Network-based data migration solution; Co-scheduling of CPU, data movement and I/O bandwidth; High-perf. network support. The Grid5000 platform provides the ideal environment for testing and validation of our approaches.


This project aims at building an experimental Grid platform gathering 8 sites geographically distributed in France. The main purpose of this platform is to serve as an experimental testbed for research in Grid Computing. This project is one initiative of the French ACI Grid Incentive

Grid'5000 is a research effort developping a large scale nation wide infrastructure for Grid research. 10 laboratories are involved, nation wide, in the objective of providing the community of Grid researchers a testbed allowing experiments in all the software layers between the network protocols up to the applications.

This high collaborative research effort is funded by the French ministry of Education and Research, INRIA, CNRS, the Universities of all sites and some regional councils.


The aim of this project is to validate a NES (Network Enabled Servers) architecture on French grid with a set of applications. Different applications in chemistry, physical, electronic and in geology. This project leans on VTHD (and VTHD++) project and "le centre Charles-Hermite" for the hardware technology and is based on GASP for the software technology.


The aim of this project is to develop the software technology dedicated to application used in an ASP (Application Service Provider) environment on the grid. The main idea of GASP is to integrate industrial applications in according to our another projects (ACI, DIET, etc.).


S.T.A.R. Science and Technology Amical Relationships. In promoting and facilitating S&T cooperation between Korea and France, one of the key elements is financial resource to support cooperative activities. The two sides shared the view that, in order to promote and facilitate bilateral cooperation. The "GRID Experiments in Aerospace Engineering" project is cooperative between SNU (Seoul National University) and INRIA.


This project aims at setting up a Web expert site for sparse matrices, including software and a database. Using the DIET approach, this project will allow users to submit requests of expertise for the solution of sparse linear systems. For example a typical request could be "which sparse matrix reordering heuristic leads to the smallest number of operations for my matrix ?", or "which software is the most robust for this test problem ?" The project members also include ENSEEIHT-IRIT (coordinator, Toulouse, France), CERFACS (Toulouse, France) and LABRI (Bordeaux, France).

ANR SOLSTICE (2007-2010)

(SOLveurs et SimulaTIon en Calcul Extrême) The objective of this project is to design and develop high-performance parallel linear solvers that will be efficient to solve complex multi-physics and multi-scale problems of very large size (10 to 100 millions of equations). This project also comprises LaBRI (coordinator), CERFACS, INPT-IRIT, CEA-CESTA, EADS-CCR, EDF R&D, and CNRM. We are involved in tasks related to out-of-core factorization and solution, parallelization of the analysis phase of sparse direct solvers, rank detection, hybrid direct-iterative methods and expertise site for sparse linear algebra.

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