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T01 JCMB (James Clerk Maxwell Building) Room 6309, Mon 13.05-13.55 (6 students)
Tutor: Anne Benoit
Students: Mohamed Al-Doy, James Dickey, Carlos Fornieles, Carsten Heinz, Stuart J Miller, Sam Onions.

Tutorial 1 - 24/01
Seance of questions/answers about XML and DTDs.
Practical exercises: finding errors in XML and DTD, writing DTDs and valid XML files for these DTDs...
The example files extract from the handouts can be found there. You can use this validator to write some DTDs and XML documents and check their validity. To use the validator: java -jar Validator.jar myfile.xml

Tutorial 2 - 31/01
Exercises on XML, DTD, XSL and CSS, training for the Coursework1.

Tutorial 3 - 07/02
A bit more practise on XSL (using variables, creating attributes, ...)
A little remind on JAXP, SAX and DOM.

Tutorial 4 - 14/02
Exercises on DOM (building trees from XML documents) and a few revisions on the Java Servlets (life cycle, persistence, idempotence, ...).

Tutorial 5 - 21/02
Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Beans.

Tutorial 6 - 28/02
Java Cookies and Ant.


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