HCW 2010 Camera-ready Papers

The HCW camera-ready paper page limit is set to 15 pages, following IPDPS proceedings style. Please refer to the IPDPS web page for information about how to submit the camera ready paper. Note that the deadline of February 15, 2010 is strict.

Also, please read carefully the following paragraph from the IPDPS website on specific instructions for HCW papers:
For Workshop HCW: Authors are allowed a total of 15 pages for each paper. This includes all figures, tables, references and authors' biography. Please include a brief biography of up to 300 words for each author and place this after the references. This will be part of the 15 pages allotted for the paper.

Initial Paper Submissions

HCW 2010 invites authors to submit summaries of original, unpublished, work in all areas of heterogeneous computing that is not concurrently under review elsewhere. All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Please see the Call for Papers for more details.

Summaries should not exceed five (5) single-spaced pages of text using 12-point size fonts on 8.5 x 11 inch pages. The summary should include an abstract of approximately 100 words. References, figures and tables may be included in addition to the five pages of text.

Authors should:
(i) submit a PostScript (level 2), PDF, or Word file that will print on a PostScript printer; electronic submission is done through the EDAS web site, http://edas.info: Click here to submit HCW 2010 papers through EDAS.
(ii) send email to the Program Chair (Anne.Benoit at ens-lyon.fr) containing (in plain text) the title of the submission and a copy of the abstract.

Submission is a definite commitment for at least one of the authors to register and present the paper if it is accepted. Acceptance is conditional on the author(s) implementing the suggestions of the reviewers.

Using EDAS

If you have an EDAS account simply log in at http://edas.info/N8253 and then follow the instructions.

If you are not an EDAS user, please create and account from the EDAS homepage: http://edas.info and follow the instructions given above.