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   * Barcelona Supercomputer Center (Spain)   * Barcelona Supercomputer Center (Spain)
     * Grid computing and Cluster ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-bsc.pdf|pdf}})     * Grid computing and Cluster ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-bsc.pdf|pdf}})
-    * Storage Systems ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-bsc-storage.pdf|pdf}}) //news//+    * Storage Systems ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-bsc-storage.pdf|pdf}}) //*new*//
   * Contrail (European project) ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-contrail.pdf|pdf}})   * Contrail (European project) ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-contrail.pdf|pdf}})
   * Delft University of Technology (Netherland) (pdf) ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-tud.pdf|pdf}})   * Delft University of Technology (Netherland) (pdf) ({{:​ubivertex:​scientific-contrib-form-tud.pdf|pdf}})

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