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PhD candidate in the AVALON research team at the LIP laboratory (ENS Lyon, France). Project Engineer (Research and Development) at NewGeneration SR (Paris, France). Teaching assistant in Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1.

My thesis revolves around mechanisms that improve energy efficiency in distributed and virtualized infrastructures, with respect to quality of service.

This research was made under the guidance of Eddy Caron, Laurent Lefèvre and Gilles Cieza.


2016-10-13: Our work on Container-based cloud computing service federation will be included in the Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience journal
2016-10-10: My manuscript is currently under review. I'll be defending my thesis December, 5th at ENS Lyon.
2016-07-27: Talk in the Networked Systems Laboratory research group at British Columbia University.
2016-06-27: Gave a short talk at the Cloud Control Workshop organized by Umeå University.
2016-05-24: We are happy to host an MEC student (Hyderabad, India) for three months
2016-06-24: Award for Energy Transition and Digital technologies decerned to the NUVEA platform
2016-05-02: Setting the SSS2016 website. The Internal Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems will take place at ENS Lyon,France in November 2016 (CFP).
2016-04-29: Talk and poster at the Computer Science Phd Students Seminar of the Societe Informatique de France
2016-03-21: Our paper on Differential Evolution approach for Clouds placement workflow with MEC has been accepted at CEC2016!
2016-02-03: Talk at the Grid'5000 Winter School in Inria Rhône-Alpes about our recent work and usage of the Grid'5000 platform.
2016-01-22: The NUVEA project is part of the French presidential delegation to visit India on January 24-26th, 2016. This is a great testimony of our recent collaboration with Indian researchers.
2015-11-18: Came back from a 3-month visit at Mahindra Ecole Centrale (Hyderabad, India) to work with Dr. Arya K. Bhattacharya.
2015-11-18: The whole NUVEA team was present at SuperComputing 2015 to present our Green-IT Middleware. Screenshots and video available on Nuvea website.
2015-10-05: We got awarded the Raman-Charpak Fellowship 2015 to fund a collaboration with Centrale Mahindra (Hyderabad, India) on combining a multi-objective differential algorithm with energy consumption trade-offs mechanisms
2015-09-29: Presenting at the Calcul Day in Lyon
2015-06-04: We won a Best Paper Award at CloudTech'2015, the International Conference of Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications
2015-05-29: Attending IPDPS'2015 and presenting DIET Green at HPPAC'2015. Some pics.
2015-05-07: A new version of the DIET website is available with a brand-new design.
2015-04-13: Article about Nu@ge, the French sovereign cloud computing service, accepted at CloudTech'2015.
2015-03-20: NewGeneration-SR was granted by the Horizon 2020 ICT Disruptive technologies Program for NUVEA, The premium green multi-cloud management and optimization tool. More information about H2020
2015-03-16: I will be presenting my work at the GreenDays in Toulouse
2015-02-21: Our ongoing work about Energy-Aware Server Provisioning will appear at HPPAC 2015
2015-01-15: Avalon Team Seminar in Le Pleynet, France
2014-11-03: I am attending the Openstack Summit in Paris. Lots of interesting people.
2014-06-17: We presented a tutorial about Energy monitoring at Grid'5000 Summer School in Lyon
2014-05-16: Just spent 3 days with high schoolers for a research initiation. Instructive and challenging!
2014-04-23: Participated to the ComPAS'2014 conference in Neuchatel, Suisse
2014-03-07: Paper on Adaptive Energy Management accepted at comPAS'2014
2014-02-14: The Book chapter about Grid'5000 virtualisation capabilities is published, including our work with Flauncher and DVMS
2013-10-04: Participated to the ICPP 2013 conference in Lyon, France
2013-05-15: I just returned from CCGrid 2013
2013-05-13: Live Demonstration of DVMS at the IEEE SCALE challenge with a deployment and scheduling of 1,731 VMs on 206 nodes (distributed across 4 geographical sites).
2013-04-24: Paper on DVMS and Flauncher accepted at ISPA 2013
2013-04-18: We'll took part in the final of the international IEEE SCALE'2013 Challenge to demonstrate the scalability of DVMS and Flauncher
2013-03-01: A new website is born!