Standard Estimation Tags

Table 9.1 lists the standard estimation tags provided by DIET. The tag ALLINFOS is a special: his field is always empty, but it allows to fill the vector with all known tags by the particular collector.

All standard estimation tags are associated with floating point values. DIET default schedulers can only do basic sorting the candidates SeD on some floating point tags, but custom plugin schedulers can make use of other types of performance data (which are opaque from the point of view of the DIET runtime).

Table 9.1: Estimation tags
TAG is array? value
TCOMP the predicted time to solve a problem
TIMESINCELASTSOLVE time since last solve has been made (sec)
FREECPU amount of free CPU power between 0 and 1
FREEMEM amount of free memory (Mb)
NBCPU number of available processors
CPUSPEED x frequency of CPUs (MHz)
TOTALMEM total memory size (Mb)
AVGFREECPU average amount of free CPU power in [0..1]
BOGOMIPS x CPUs' bogomips
CACHECPU x cache size CPUs (Kb)
TOTALSIZEDISK size of the partition (Mb)
FREESIZEDISK amount of free place on partition (Mb)
DISKACCESREAD average time to read on disk (Mb/sec)
DISKACCESWRITE average time to write to disk (sec)
ALLINFOS x [empty] fill all possible fields

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