SeD requirements for workflow scheduling

The workflow schedulers (Basic, Multi-HEFT, Multi-AgingHEFT and FOFT) use information provided by the SeD s to be able to run the HEFT heuristic. So the SeD programmer must provide the required data in the estimation vector by implementing a plugin scheduler (see Chapter 9).

The following fields in the estimation vector must be filled in:

  1. The TCOMP field must contain the estimation of the computation time for the job (in milliseconds). This can be done using the diet_estimate_comptime(estVector_t ev, double value) method within the performance evaluation function.
  2. The EFT field must contain the estimation of the earliest finish time (in milliseconds from the time of the current submitted request) for the job. To compute this value, the SeD programmer can use the function defined in the API
    diet_estimate_eft(...) to retrieve the estimated value of the earliest finish time for a new job.

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