DIET forwarders

The DIET middleware uses CORBA as its communication layer. It is an easy and flexible way for the different platform components to communicate. However, deploying DIET on heterogeneous networks that are not reachable from each other except through ssh connection is a complicated task needing complex configuration. Moreover, to ensure that all objects can contact each others, we need to set-up and launch ssh tunnels between each of them, reducing significantly the DIET scalability in that network configuration context.

The DIET forwarders are the solution for such a situation, by reducing the number of ssh tunnels to the minimum and making their launch totally transparent for the final users. The DIET forwarders configuration is very simple even for very complex network topologies.

The next section presents the global operation of DIET forwarders. Section 18.2 presents the DIETForwarder executable, its command-line options and configuration file. Then, section 18.3 gives two examples of forwarder configurations.


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