Software dependencies

As explained in Section 1.2, CORBA is used for all communications inside the platform. The implementations of CORBA currently supported in DIET is omniORB 4 which itself depends on Python.

NB: We have noticed that some problems occur with Python 2.3: the C++ code generated by idl could not be compiled. It has been patched in DIET, but some warnings may still appear.

omniORB 4 itself also depends on OpenSSL in case of you wish to secure your DIET platform. In order to deploy CORBA services with omniORB, a configuration file and a log directory are required: see Section 11.1.1 for a complete description of the services. Their paths can be given to omniORB either at runtime (through the well-known environment variables $OMNIORB_CONFIG and $OMNINAMES_LOGDIR), and/or at omniORB compile time (with the
-with-omniORB-config and -with-omniNames-logdir options.) Some examples provided in the DIET sources depend on the BLAS and ScaLAPACK libraries. However the compilation of those BLAS and ScaLAPACK dependent examples are optional.

The DIET Team - Mer 29 nov 2017 15:13:36 EST