Compiling the examples

cmake will set the examples to be compiled when setting the DIET_BUILD_EXAMPLES to ON which can be achieved by toggling the corresponding entry of ccmake GUI's or by adding -DDIET_BUILD_EXAMPLES:BOOL=ON to the command line arguments of [c]cmake invocation. Note that this option is disabled by default.

The compilation of the examples, respectively the installation, is executed on the above described invocation of make, resp. make install stages. The binary of the examples are placed in the install_dir/bin/examples sub-directory of the installation directory. Likewise, the samples of configuration files located in src/examples/cfgs are processed by make install to create ready-to-use configuration files in src/examples/cfgs and then copied into install_dir/etc/cfgs.

The DIET Team - Mer 29 nov 2017 15:13:36 EST