Configuration for compilation

In order to enable the compilation and installation of the DIET Cloud system, its corresponding make flag must be enabled when configuring. This flag is named DIET_USE_EC2CLOUD. This is a part of the alternate batch system so it also needs to be installed (the DIET_USE_ALT_BATCH flag).

The installation of the Cloud system is dependent on an installation of gSOAP7.3 that contains the WSSE plugin. This is the Web Service Security plugin. It is the responsibility of the DIET user to ensure a propper installation of gSOAP and its WSSE plugin. The will try to automatically detect an installation of gSOAP with its components. If this fails, then the DIET user will have to manually specify the installation path of the gSOAP package and its WSSE plugin.

Please note that DIET Clour has been tested with gSOAP version 2.7.16.

Examples of the use of the DIET Cloud system will also be compiled if the DIET_BUILD_EXAMPLES flag is triggered.

For more information on compiling and installing DIET please see the section dedicated specifically to that purpose.

The DIET Team - Mer 29 nov 2017 15:13:36 EST