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LogService options

useLogService default = 0
This activates the connection to LogService. If this option is set to 1 then the LogCentral must be started before any DIET entities. Agents and SeDs will connect to LogCentral to deliver their monitoring information and they will refuse to start if they cannot establish this connection. See Section 11.1 to learn more about LogService.

lsOutbuffersize default = 0
lsFlushinterval default = 10000
DIET's LogService connection can buffer outgoing messages and send them asynchronously. This can decrease the network load when several messages are sent at one time. It can also be used to decouple the generation and the transfer of messages. The buffer is specified by it's size (lsOutbuffersize, number of messages) and the time it is regularly flushed (lsFlushinterval, nanoseconds). It is recommended not to change the default parameters if you do not encounter problems. The buffer options will be ignored if useLogService is set to 0.

Multi-MA options

To federate resources, each MA tries periodically to contact other MAs. These options define how the MA connects to the others.

neighbours default = empty list {}
List of known MAs separated by commas. The MA will try to connect itself to the MAs named in this list. Each MA is described by the name of its host followed by its bind service port number (see bindServicePort). For example,, is a valid three MAs list. By default, an empty list is set into neighbours.

maximumNeighbours default = 10
This is the maximum number of other MAs that can be connected to the current MA. If another MA wants to connect and the current number of connected MAs is equal to maximumNeighbours, the request is rejected.

minimumNeighbours default = 2
This is the minimum number of MAs that should be connected to the MA. If the current number of connected MA is lower than minimumNeighbours, the MA tries to connect to other MAs.

updateLinkPeriod default = 300
The MA checks if the connected MAs are alive every updateLinkPeriod seconds.

bindServicePort default = none
The MAs need to use a specific port to be able to federate themselves. This port is only used for initializing connections between MAs. If this parameter is not set, the MA will not accept incoming connection.

You can find the full set of DIET configuration file options in the chapter A.

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