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DAGDA asynchronous put macros/functions

The arguments to these functions are the same than for the synchronous ones. See Section 14.4.2 for more details. All of these functions return a reference to the data transfer which is an unsigned int. This value will be passed to the ``dagda_wait_data_ID'' function.
dagda_put_scalar_async(void* value, diet_base_type_t base_type,
diet_persistence_mode_t mode)
dagda_put_vector_async(void* value, diet_base_type_t base_type,
diet_persistence_mode_t mode, size_t size)
dagda_put_matrix_async(void* value, diet_base_type_t base_type,
diet_persistence_mode_t mode, size_t nb_rows,
size_t nb_cols, diet_matrix_order_t order)
dagda_put_string_async(char* value, diet_persistence_mode_t mode)
dagda_put_file_async(char* path, diet_persistence_mode_t mode)
After a call to one of these functions, the user can obtain the data ID by calling the ``dagda_wait_data_ID'' function with a transfer reference.
dagda_wait_data_ID(unsigned int transferRef, char** ID):
The ``transferRef'' argument is the value returned by a ``dagda_put_*_async'' function. The ``ID'' content will be initialized to a pointer on the data ID.

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