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Managing Data-Life Cycle on Heterogeneous Systems and Infrastructures

The Big Data challenge consists in managing, storing, analyzing and visualizing these huge and ever growing data sets to extract sense and knowledge. As the volume of data grows exponentially, the management of these data becomes more complex in proportion.

A key point is to handle the complexity of the Data Life Cycle, i.e. the various operations performed on data: transfer, archiving, replication, deletion, etc. Indeed, data-intensive applications span over a large variety of devices and e-infrastructures which implies that many systems are involved in data management and processing.

Active Data is new approach to automate and improve the expressiveness of data management applications :

How Does it Work ?

The Data Life Cycle Model (DLCM) is loosely based on the Petri Nets formalism. Petri Nets have some key advantages to represent DLCM: they are graphical and easy to understand by end-users and still they are powerful tools to deal complex situations that one can find in distributed systems (synchronistic).

Thus, a DLCM is made of

"Data Life Cycle Model"

When the DLCM progresses, token will pass from a place to another, which fires a transition. Active Data developers can attach handler code to each transition in the DLCM. The handler code is then executed whenever the transition is fired. The system is distributed, thus any node in the network can publish transition and receive transition notification; this is how are developed DLCM distributed applications.

In addition, Active Data proposes a set of high level features :

Source Code

You can download the source code here

Download Active Data source code

Use Case: Data Surveillance Framework

In collaboration with Kyle Chard and Ian Foster from Argonne National Lab/University of Chicago, we designed a Data Surveillance Framework for the Advanced Photon Source experiment.

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