Gilles Fedak has been a permanent INRIA research scientist since 2004 and is currently working in the AVALON team. After graduated from University Paris Sud in 2003, he has followed a postdoctoral fellowship at University California San Diego in 2003-2004. His research topics include designing and implementing an open-source Desktop Grid system called XtremWeb, an open-source platform for data- intensive applications on Cloud and Desktop Grid called BitDew.

G. Fedak co-chaired several workshops GP2PC, XWUG and PCGRID during several years. Recently, he initiated the MAPREDUCE workshop with Geoffrey Fox to be held with the HPDC and OGF conference. He is a member of the program committee of several conferences and workshops ( HPDC, CloudCom, ScalCom, EuromicroPDP, eScience, ICCCN, CCGRID, IANA, GRID and more). He is associate editor of the Journal of Cluster Computing, Elsevier. In 2012, he co-edits with C. CÚrin the Desktop Grid Computing Book, (CRC publication).

In term of leadership, G. Fedak was the Principal Investigator of ANR JCJC DSLLAB project from 2005 to 2009. He also lead several bilateral cooperation programs with Japan, Tunisia and China. He was involved in FP6 CoreGrid Network of Excellence and FP6 Grid4All project where he lead the Scheduling work package as well as several national ACI and ANR projects including GP2PC, SPADES, Clouds@Home and more recently ANR MapReduce.

In 2008-2009, G. Fedak was the INRIA representative in the FP7 EDGeS project with the responsibility of JRA1 Service Grids <-> Desktop Grids Bridge technologies. From 2010 to 2011, he was the INRIA representative in the FP7 EDGI project with the responsibility of JRA2 Quality of Service. He co-authored more than 90 scientific papers and won 2 best paper awards at CCGRID and Europar.

In 2012, G. Fedak lead the CloudPower project, funded by the French ANR, whose goal is to establish a start up company leveraging the Desktop Grid technologies developped by CNRS and INRIA.


Very Short French Bio

Je fais des informatiques Ó Inria.

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