Matthieu Imbert

68 route de Feyzin
69360 Solaize, France
tél: +33 686 33 25 02
mail: matthieu.imbert at
Born July 19 1970
French citizen
married, 2 children



INRIA Rhône-Alpes / LIP lab, ENS-Lyon, France - Since 2007
Research engineer

Design and development of distributed and network software, in the Avalon, Graal and Reso teams. Large-scale distributed computer science experiments design and development. Cluster / grid administration.

Steria, Lyon, France - 2006-2007
Expert engineer

Managed and operated the maintenance and migration (from Tru64 to RHEL4) of a supervision framework developed internally for the SNCF (french national railway operator) and used in production for the supervision of about 3000 critical servers running 5 different operating systems in various versions, across France.

ICTT lab, École centrale de Lyon, France - 2005-2006
Research engineer / trainee

Preparation and defense of my master degree (engineer degree of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers"). Research focus: Computer Supported Collaborative Work with mobile devices.

École Normale Supérieure Lyon, France - 2004-2005
System, network, security engineer

Day to day maintenance and development of campus network and services.

Ice-Development, Lyon, France - 2002-2003
Project lead

Lead the development of the Wincast software suite used in one hundred offices and at the headquarters of a hairdressing brand. Software composed of: check-out module, stock management, replication to headquarters, where incomes are monitored day by day.

Widescreen Games WSG, Lyon, France - 1999-2002
Project lead

Lead the R&D team. Managed the development of software libraries and tools used internally at the WSG game development studio.

Infogrames / Atari, Lyon, France - 1996-1999
Software developer