NEW: Patch updated for libcloud 0.9

Libcloud (http://incubator.apache.org/libcloud/index.html) is a python library to access in an unified way to various IaaS Cloud providers such as Amazon EC2, OpenNebula or Eucalyptus. Libcloud can be used to start and stop nodes, list the available disk images and node sizes.

We implemented a Grid5000 backend to libcloud which allows users to manipulate Grid5000 nodes through the libcloud interface. This implementation is supported by job submission and environment deployment features of Grid5000, using the API. The driver does not involve any added virtualization layer or Cloud software to Grid5000.

This driver was originally developed to experiment SpeQuloS by using Grid5000 as a Cloud. For more information, see the presentation given at Grid5000 Spring School 2011: slides.pdf

The current known limitations are: