SpeQuloS is a software that provides Quality Of Service (QoS) to Desktop Grids or other "best effort" Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI) by supplying resources from Cloud computing.

Desktop Grids (DG) are DCIs made of regular computers, and consequently, are much less reliable than other Grids. For example, in volunteer computing projects such SETI@home, participants may leave the infrastructure at any moment. It is therefore impossible to provide QoS features to DG users, such as jobs completion time prediction. SpeQuloS aims to solve this situation by dynamically provision resources from Cloud computing to support DG operation. SpeQuloS can instantiate "Cloudworkers" from various Cloud systems to participate to DG computation. SpeQuloS also monitors DG activity and provides QoS information to users.

See my research page for more information on the SpeQuloS scientific background.

SpeQuloS development takes place in the European Desktop Grid Infrastructure (EDGI) project.

What's new

23 May 2012 - SpeQuloS 0.4-rc2

13 Jan 2012 - SpeQuloS 0.4-rc1: Complex QoS scheduling, Oracle predictions, Credits earning system, etc.

02 Nov 2011 - SpeQuloS 0.3: Add an alternative to libcloud to start / stop cloudworkers by using any command line program.

19 Oct 2011 - SpeQuloS 0.2.3: Bugfixe release

01 Sep 2011 - New SpeQuloS website.

The SpeQuloS framework

SpeQuloS is a distributed framework made of 4 main components:

Each module can be installed on separated hosts and communicate using Web services.

Here is a summary of modules interactions:

SpeQuloS modules interactions

SpeQuloS current features

SpeQuloS supports the following DG middleware:

SpeQuloS supports the following Cloud systems (thanks to libcloud)


spequlos-0.4-rc2.tar.gz. Released the 23 May 2012.

spequlos-0.4-rc1.tar.gz. Released the 13 January 2012.

spequlos-0.3.tar.gz. Released the 2 November 2011.

spequlos-0.2.3.tar.gz. Released the 19 October 2011.

spequlos-0.2.2.tar.gz. Released the 12 May 2011. EDGI Y1 version.

spequlos-0.2.1.tar.gz. Released the 03 Mar 2011.

spequlos-0.2.tar.gz. Released the 05 Feb 2011

spequlos-0.1.tar.gz. Released the 14 Jan 2011


Terms of use.

Installation instructions.

Usage documentation.

Guidelines to install a BOINC server along SpeQuloS.

Presentation of the Cloud Duplication strategy and how to use it with a XWHEP server and SpeQuloS.