Functions and tags

The tags for information are of type integer and defined in the table 9.1. The second type of tag diet_est_collect_tag_t is used to specify which collector will provide the information: EST_COLL_EASY or EST_COLL_BATCH. Three different functions are provided with CoRI.

The first function initializes a specific collector.

  diet_estimate_cori_add_collector(diet_est_collect_tag_t collector_type,
                                   void * data);
The second parameter is reserved for initializing collectors which need additional information on initialization. For example, the BATCH collector needs for its initialization the profile of the service to be solved.

After the initialization, accessing to the information is done by specifying the collector and the information type.

  diet_estimate_cori(estVector_t ev,
                     int info_type,
                     diet_est_collect_tag_t collector_type,
                     void* data);

Cori-Easy doesn't need more information, but BATCH need a profile of type “diet_profile_t”. The last parameter is reserved for it.
The last function is used to test Cori-Easy. It prints all information Cori-Easy finds to the standard output.

A result could be the following output:
start printing CoRI values..
cpu average load : 0.56
CPU 0 cache : 1024 Kb
number of processors : 1
CPU 0 Bogomips : 5554.17
diskspeed in reading : 9.66665 Mbyte/s
diskspeed in writing : 3.38776 Mbyte/s
total disk size : 7875.51 Mb
available disk size  :373.727 Mb
total memory : 1011.86 Mb
available memory : 22.5195 Mb
end printing CoRI values

The DIET Team - Mer 29 nov 2017 15:13:36 EST