Data links

A data link is a connection between a processor output port and a processor input port as exampled below:
    <link from="key" to="genParam:paramKey"/>
    <link from="genParam:paramFiles" to="docking:input"/>
    <link from="parameter" to="docking:param"/>
    <link from="docking:result" to="statisticaltest:values" />
    <link from="statisticaltest:result" to="results" />
When a processor A (port A.out) is connected to a processor B (port through a data link, an instance of A (one task) may trigger a number of B instances that depends on first, the data depth at both ends of the link and second, the iteration strategy chosen for the port within the B processor.

The data depths on both ends of the link determine the number of data items received by the port. Three cases are possible:

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