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June 25, 2017
Teo Caron. 400 NL 6:14.85

June 25, 2017
Teo Caron. 50 Brasse 47.47


CR09: Advanced Topics in Scalable Data Management

Practical Session #1

The aim of this practical session (…for researcher) is to discover some big data-Distributed Programming Frameworks.

No Framework Tutorial
1 Amazon DynamoDB Tutorial
2 Cassandra Tutorial
3 Hbase Tutorial
4 Hive Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2
5 MongoDB Tutorial
6 Neo4j Tutorial
7 OrientDB Tutorial
8 couchdb Tutorial

Technical Report

You have one week to provide your feedback with a technical report. In this report you will provide usefull advices for your colleagues and you will detail any troubles you will meet.

A two-person team is authorized.

You will select at least two frameworks and in conclusion of your report you will provide a comparison between both.