Master's Subjects  
  • Algorithmique avancée by Prof Y.Robert report slides (ppt, web)
  • Compilation et optimisations de codes by Prof A.Darte report slides (ppt, web)
  • Arithmétique des ordinateurs by Prof J.M Muller report slides (ppt, web)
  • Conception d'architectures matérielles by Prof A.Tisserand report slides (ppt, web)
  • Réseaux Haute Performance by Prof L. Lefèvre report slides (ppt, web)

Master's Training  
  • Title : Automatic Deployment Tool for DIET
  • Number: DEA2003-01
  • Date: July 2003
  • Keywords: Meta Computing, Problem Solving Environment, Computational Servers, Agent hierarchy.
  • Abstract: In this report, we have presented a specific tool ``Network Selection Tool'' that we developed for the automatic deployment of Distributed Interactive Engineering Toolbox (DIET) on grid, but we can use it for any hierarchical Network Enabled Server (NES). This tool can find the bottleneck in the network and thus by breaking the bottleneck, can improve the performance of the network. With the help of this tool we can also find the best structure, according to the performance, among the given structures. By the use of this tool we can predict, what will be the effects on the performance if we make some specific changes in the network. We did the simulations to check the performance of this tool and results are encouraging.

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