Visits and Joint face to face meetings

• “Kickoff meeting" (Participants: L. Lefevre, A-C. Orgerie, M. Parashar, Ivan Rodero), in Madrid during the CCRid2017 conference (May 14-17, 2017)

• Issam Rais spent 3 weeks in Rutgers, to jointly work on shutdown models and compression as a leverage (September 2017).

• Anne-Cécile Orgerie spent one week in Rutgers to jointly work on 1. End-to-end Energy Models for Edge Cloud-based IoT Platforms, shutdown models and compression as a leverage.

• Daniel Balouek Thomert visited Avalon to work on autonomic workflows and data-streaming frameworks (October 2017)

• SUSTAM Joint meeting (Participants: L. Lefevre, A-C. Orgerie, E. Caron, I. Rais, H. Croubois, M. Parashar, I. Rodero, D. Balouek Thomert) during the Supercomputing 2017 conference, Denver (November 2017)

• Eddy Caron and Hadrien Croubois visited Rutgers from November 27 to December 1st to work on dynamic autonomic workflows.

• Alexandre Veith will spend 10 days in Rutgers in order to work on data-stream processing from December 1st to December 10.

• Daniel Balouek Thomert will spend one week in Avalon from December 19 to December 22, 2017.