Team members

Inria Avalon permanent participants

Eddy Caron, Associate Professor (MCF HDR), Expertise on efficient resource management and scheduling.

Jean-Patrick Gelas, Assistant Professor (MCF University of Lyon), Green programming and energy-efficient software design.

Olivier Gluck, Assistant Professor (MCF University of Lyon), Expert on computer networks and energy efficiency.

Laurent Lefevre, CR Inria, HDR, Expert on sustainable computing and energy management.

Anne-Cécile Orgerie, CR CNRS, Inria Myriads team, Irisa (Rennes). Expertise on energy efficiency and scheduling.

Christian Perez, DR2 Inria, Inria Avalon team leader. Expertise on scheduling algorithms.

Inria Avalon non permanent participants

Marcos Dias de Assuncao, Inria Starting grant (2015-2018), Expertise on energy efficiency and large-scale heterogeneous systems.

Issam Rais, (Ph.D. student 2015-2018), Expertise on “Orchestrating green leverages for ultrascale systems” co-advised by L. Lefevre, A. Benoit and A.-C. Orgerie

Alexandre Veith (Ph.D student 2016-2019), “Algorithms for elasticity management of stream processing systems” advised by L. Lefevre and M. Dias de Assuncao.

Pedro Silva (Ph.D. student 2014-2017), Expertise on « Co-scheduling algorithm for dynamic and evolutive data-intensive application" co advised by C. Perez

Valentin Lorentz (Ph.D student 2016-2019), Expertise on data traceability, co-advised by G. Fedak and L. Lefevre

Hadrien Croubois (Ph.D student 2016-2019) Expertise on workflow distribution advised by E. Caron

Zeina Houmani (PhD student 2018-2021) Expertise on micro services, by Eddy Caron and Daniel Balouek Thomert

RDI2, Rutgers University permanent participants

Manish Parashar, Professor, Expertise on extreme-scale computing and data management.

Ivan Rodero, Associate Research Professor, Expertise on Green HPC and power/performance management for data-intensive applications.

Thu D. Nguyen, Professor, Expertise on energy efficiency and sustainable computing.

Juanjo  Villalobos, Research Associate, Expertise on large scale distributed systems (Datacenters management & virtualization)

RDI2, Rutgers University non-permanent participants:

Daniel Balouek Thomert, Research Associate, in RDI2, Rutgers University, Expertise on “energy efficient scheduling and resource management for large distributed systems”.

Yubo Qin, (Ph.D. student 2015-2018) - Expertise on power performance tradeoff for adaptive scientific applications.

Eduard Renart, PhD student in RDI2, Rutgers University, Expertise on “data-streaming environments for edge and for computing co-advised” by Manish Parashar and Daniel Balouek Thomert

Shouwei Chen, PhD student in RDI2, Rutgers University, Expertise on “big data systems, characterizing and simulation”, advised by Ivan Rodero