Full Papers

Towards Green Scientific Data Compression Through High-Level I/O Interfaces
(Yevhen Alforov, Anastasiia Novikova, Michael Kuhn, Julian Kunkel and Thomas Ludwig)

Variable-size batched condition number calculation on GPUs
(Hartwig Anzt, Jack Dongarra, Goran Flegar and Thomas Grützmacher)

Design and Implementation of a Compiler that Translated Functional Code Written in Java to the Intel HARP System
(Pedro Caldeira, Jerônimo Penha, Lucas Bragança, José Nacif, Ricardo Ferreira, Renato Ferreira and Fernando Quintão)

Network-aware energy-efficient virtual machine management in distributed Cloud infrastructures with on-site photovoltaic production
(Benjamin Camus, Fanny Dufossé, Anne Blavette, Martin Quinson and Anne-Cécile Orgerie)

Towards a Single-host Many-GPU System
(Ming-Hung Chen, Ihsin Chung, Bulent Abali and Paul Crumley)

Exploring the Potential of Next Generation Software-Defined In-Memory Frameworks
(Shouwei Chen and Ivan Rodero)

Scheduling independent stochastic tasks under deadline and budget constraints
(Louis-Claude Canon, Aurélie Kong Win Chang, Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien)

Balancing load of GPU subsystems to accelerate image reconstruction in parallel beam tomography
(Suren Chilingaryan, Evelina Ametova, Andreas Kopmann and Alessandro Mirone)

Adaptive scheduling of collocated applications using a task-based runtime system
(Jiri Dokulil and Siegfried Benkner)

ADeLe: Rapid Architectural Simulation for Approximate Hardware
(Isaías Bittencourt Felzmann, Matheus M. Susin, Liana Duenha, Rodolfo Azevedo and Lucas Wanner)

Polyhedral Dataflow Programming: a Case Study
(Romain Fontaine, Laure Gonnord and Lionel Morel)

A Batch Task Migration Approach for Decentralized Global Rescheduling
(Vinicius Freitas, Alexandre Santana, Márcio Castro and Laércio L. Pilla)

Designing a Parallel Memory-Aware Lattice Boltzmann Algorithm on Manycore Systems
(Yuankun Fu, Feng Li, Fengguang Song and Luoding Zhu)

Predicting the Performance Impact of Increasing Memory Bandwidth for Scientific Workflows
(Nelson Mimura Gonzalez, Jose Brunheroto, Fausto Artico, Yoonho Park, Tereza Carvalho, Charles Christian Miers, Mauricio Aronne Pillon and Guilherme Piegas Koslovski)

Frequency Selection Approach for Energy Aware Cloud Database
(Chaopeng Guo and Jean-Marc Pierson)

Energy-Efficient IaaS-PaaS Co-design for Flexible Cloud Deployment of Scientific Applications
(David Guyon, Anne-Cécile Orgerie and Christine Morin)

Exploring Self-Adaptivity towards Performance and Energy for Time-stepping Methods
(Natalia Kalinnik, Robert Kiesel, Thomas Rauber, Marcel Richter and Gudula Rünger)

Enabling Efficient Job Dispatching in Accelerator-extended Heterogeneous Systems with Unified Address Space
(Georgios Kornaros)

Phase-Based Data Placement Scheme for Heterogeneous Memory Systems
(Mohammad Laghari, Najeeb Ahmad and Didem Unat)

A Resilient Multi-strategy Agent-based Architecture for Transient Servers in Cloud Computing
(Jose Pergentino de Araujo Neto, Célia G. Ralha and Donald M. Pianto)

Predicting the Reliability Behavior of HPC Applications
(Daniel Oliveira, Francis Birck Moreira, Paolo Rech and Philippe Navaux)

Partitioning convolutional neural networks for inference on constrained Internet-of-Things devices
(Fabíola Martins Campos de Oliveira and Edson Borin)

Exploring Power Budget Scheduling Opportunities and Trade-offs for AMR-based Applications
(Yubo Qin, Ivan Rodero, Pradeep Subedi, Manish Parashar and Sandro Rigo)

Mainstream vs. Emerging HPC: Metrics, Trade-offs and Lessons Learned
(Milan Radulovic, Kazi Asifuzzaman, Darko Zivanovic, Nikola Rajovic, Guillaume Colin de Verdière, Dirk Pleiter, Manolis Marazakis, Nikolaos Kallimanis, Paul Carpenter, Petar Radojković and Eduard Ayguadé)

MLNoC: A Machine Learning Based Approach to Network-on-Chip Design
(Nishant Rao, Akshay Ramachandran and Amish Shah)

Improving Data Locality in P2P-based Fog Computing Platforms
(Luiz Angelo Steffenel)

A new efficient parallel algorithm for minimum spanning tree
(Jucele Vasconcellos, Edson Cáceres, Henrique Mongelli and Siang Song)

Exploiting Limited Access Distance for Kernel Fusion Across the Stages of Explicit One-Step Methods on GPUs
(Tim Werner and Matthias Korch)

Multicore Performance Engineering of Sparse Triangular Solves Using a Modified Roofline Model
(Markus Wittmann, Georg Hager, Radim Janalík, Martin Lanser, Axel Klawonn, Oliver Rheinbach, Olaf Schenk and Gerhard Wellein)

Runtime Management of Data Quality for Scientific Observatories Using Edge and In-Transit Resources
(Ali Reza Zamani, Daniel Balouek-Thomert, J. J. Villalobos, Ivan Rodero and Manish Parashar)

Short Papers

A Jaccard Weights Kernel Leveraging Independent Thread Scheduling on GPUs
(Hartwig Anzt and Jack Dongarra)

OpenMP Implementation of eXtended Discrete Element Method
(Abdoul Wahid Mainassara Checkaraou, Alban Rousset, Xavier Besseron, Sébastien Varrette and Bernhard Peters)

Assessing Time Predictability Features of ARM big.LITTLE Multicores
(Gabriel Fernandez, Francisco J Cazorla, Jaume Abella and Sylvain Girbal)

Performance Prediction of GPU-based Deep Learning Applications
(Eugenio Gianniti, Li Zhang and Danilo Ardagna)

A Novel Broker-based Hierarchical Authentication Scheme in Mobile IPv6 Networks
(Jang Su Hwan and Jeong Jongpil)

Adaptive Partitioning for Iterated Sequences of Irregular OpenCL Kernels
(Pierre Huchant, Marie-Christine Counilh and Denis Barthou)

EASE: Energy Efficiency and ProportionalityAware Virtual Machine Scheduling
(Congfeng Jiang, Yumei Wang, Dongyang Ou, Yeliang Qiu, Youhuizi Li, Jian Wan, Bing Luo, Weisong Shi and Christophe Cerin)

Online Detection of Spectre Attacks Using Microarchitectural Traces from Performance Counters
(Congmiao Li and Jean-Luc Gaudiot)

DOACROSS Parallelization based on Component Annotation and Loop-carried Probability
(Luís Felipe Mattos, César Divino, Juan Salamanca, João Paulo Carvalho, Marcio Machado Pereira and Guido Araujo)

echofs: A Scheduler-guided Temporary Filesystem to leverage Node-local NVMs
(Alberto Miranda, Ramon Nou and Toni Cortes)

Exploiting Compute Caches for Memory Bound Vector Operations
(João Vieira, Paolo Ienne, Nuno Roma, Gabriel Falcao and Pedro Tomás)