Verlet buffer for broad phase interaction detection in Discrete Element Method
(Abdoul Wahid Mainassara Chekaraou, Alban Rousset, Xavier Besseron and Bernhard Peters)

Privacy Preserving Data Outsourcing via Secure Order-Preserving Secret Splitting Scheme
(Somayeh Sobati-M.)

Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Approach for Energy-Aware Job Scheduling in Grid Computing
(Lucas Casagrande, Kleiton Pereira, Renato Tanaka, Charles Miers, Guilherme Koslovski and Mauricio Pillon)

Analysis and Characterization of Control Network Traffic in OpenStack Based IaaS Clouds
(Tiago Reinert, Adnei Donatti, Guilherme Koslovski, Maurício Pillon and Charles Miers)