DIET at DASC-2015


Article about Autonomous DIET Deployment mecanisms got accepted at DASC-2015 (Session ASCC: Advances in Autonomic and Secure Computing and Communications).

This article presents autonomous mechanism for the DIET Deployment.

This work aims is to add self- adaptive capabilities to DIET so that its deployment becomes self-adaptive. It includes the description of a self-adaptive algorithm and the proof of the correctness.

Maurice Djibril Faye (University of Gaston Berger, Sénégal / ENS de Lyon) will be at the event to discuss this work,

Date: October 26th-28th.

Where: Liverpool, UK


It’s a join work between ENS de Lyon and the University of Gaston Berger. An article from Eddy Caron (ENS de Lyon), Maurice Djibril Faye (UGB/ENS de Lyon) Ousmane Thiaré (UGB)  






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