Yves Robert

Professor, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Teaching: CS Department

Research: Roma project and CS lab. LIP

Fellow of the IEEE

Senior Member, Institut Universitaire de France

Visiting scientist, University of Tennessee Knoxville


Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme
UMR CNRS -- ENS Lyon -- INRIA -- UCB Lyon 5668
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
46, allée d'Italie
69364 Lyon Cedex 07 , France
Office: M7-303
Phone: (+33) 4 26 23 38 76
Fax: (+33) 4 72 72 80 80
E-mail: Yves.Robert@ens-lyon.fr or Yves.Robert@inria.fr or yrobert@icl.utk.edu

SLIDES and HANDS-ON for SC'22 full-day tutorial with George Bosilca, Aurelien Bouteiller and Thomas Hérault
Fault-Tolerant Techniques for HPC: Theory and Practice,

Dallas, November 2022

Last books and monographs

Springer Monograph (2015): Fault-Tolerance Techniques for High-Performance Computing , Thomas Herault and Yves Robert editors, Springer Verlag 2015.

Last book (2013): A Guide to Algorithm Design: Paradigms, Methods, and Complexity Analysis , Anne Benoit, Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press 2013.

Penultimate book (2009): Introduction to Scheduling , Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien editors, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press 2009.

And the 2008 book: Parallel Algorithms , Henri Casanova, Arnaud Legrand and Yves Robert, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press 2008.

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Research activities

I am mainly interested in algorithm design and scheduling techniques for large-scale distributed platforms. Here are some recent work topics:

  • Algorithms for heterogeneous clusters and grid platforms.
  • Multi-criteria scheduling for (pipelined) workflows.
  • Linear algebra kernels on multicores.
  • Fault-tolerant algorithms, resilience
  • Stochastic scheduling
  • ...


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